Fulani (Fulfulde fuv)
Resources Available (English)

Note: fuv refers to the Ethnologue language code given to the language spoken by 10 million or more nomadic Fulani residing primarily in Nigeria, but also in central and eastern Niger, Cameroon and Chad. (There may also be some in Benin and CAR). For more language information see “Ethnologue” below.

Here is a list of audio, video and written resources currently available for Fulfulde fuv. If something is missing or if there is a problem with one of the resources, contact fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Audio Resources:

Audio Bible: http://www.bible.is/FUVTBL/Matt/1/N This takes you to the Fulfulde (Fulani) New Testament (2007) in the Nigerian Fulfulde fuv language. It is in written (Roman script) and audio forms.

Megavoice: These solar powered MP3 type players will revolutionize your ministry to the Fulani people. In Nigeria they are called “Pocket Pastors” because they have so much Gospel material done by Fulani for Fulani. There is over 80 hours of Fulfulde fuv audio content on the Envoy S, including the whole NT, parts of the OT, Jesus Film Audio Version, God’s Story, Global Recordings messages, music, discipleship lessons, preaching, Bible studies and evangelistic messages. http://megavoice.com/language/index.php?e=fuv&d=Fulfulde%2C+Caka+Nigeria This takes you to the Megavoice website for Fulfulde fuv. Unfortunately they are only showing Jesus Film Audio/Radio version as available. We recommend you order the Envoy S with all the Fulfulde Nigeria content preloaded. For a full list of the content and English back-translations of that content, or for problems with Megavoice, contact: fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Habaru Beldum Website: http://habarubeldum.com This website features book by book expository Bible studies using the Fulfulde fuv (2007) version of the NT. As of August 7, 2014, the book of Matthew and half of John are available. To be updated regularly. This website also has many of the audio materials mentioned on this page.

Jesus Film Audio Version: This is the audio portion of the Jesus Film, slightly modified and includes radio intro and outro. Available in 1 90-minute segment, 5 30-minute segments, or 10 15-minute segements. http://www.inspirationalfilms.com/audio/The_Story_of_Jesus_Fulfulde_Caka_Nigeria_84090.mp3

God’s Story: http://www.gods-story.org/ 80 minute presentation of the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. Also available in video, but the Fulani we tested it with found the pictures distracting.

Global Recordings: http://au.globalrecordings.net/en/language/9930 This is the general site for GR Fulfulde fuv. Unfortunately, if you go here, GR says they have no resources in fuv. They actually do have messages in Fulfulde fuv called: South Camp 1,2,3, Fulani Women, and Look, Listen and Live!. Find South Camp here: http://globalrecordings.net/en/language/4059 GR calls these “Words of Life 1,2,3”. In Nigeria they have popularly been called South Camp 1,2,3. These are mis-labeled as Adamawa Fulfulde, which is spoken in the extreme eastern parts of Nigeria and in Cameroon and other countries, but they are actually more fuv than fub. Fulani Women is mistakenly put under Sokoto, but is definitely not the Sokoto dialect. Find it here: http://globalrecordings.net/en/program/C25390 English back-translations of Southcamp 1,2,3 and Fulani Women are available at fulforchrist@gmail.com. Not sure where they put the LLL Fulfulde fuv.

Pastor Umaru Garba preaching: Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com. Ten messages about Abraham, Joseph, Jesus and Job.

One Story: These are basic Bible stories. I cannot confirm whether this is actually Sokoto dialect or not. If it is, it will work in the northwest corner of Nigeria in Sokoto State. http://www.onestory-media.org/story_sets/

T4 Global: http://t4global.org/ this organization is working on basic Bible stories and community development content. They use Fulani songs and proverbs to segue into the Bible story. They have many stories and songs on their solar powered MP3 player, which uses a micro SD card.

Radio Broadcasts:
Bali, Taraba State, weekly broadcasts. For more info contact fulforchrist@gmail.com.
Kano, Kano State, weekly broadcasts. For more info contact fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Risku Joomiraawo: 175 Scripture messages based on the Deftere Allah Cameroon Bible, but much of the language is Fulfulde fuv. These have not been well utilized in Nigeria because many of the important biblical terms are different than the more recently published Fulfulde fuv version of the New Testament. For more information contact fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Video Resources:

Jesus Film: 2 hour long dramatic presentation of birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus based on the Gospel of Luke. The Muslim sensitive intro starts with creation, the Fall and what the prophets said about the Messiah.

Genesis Video: 4.5 hours, verse by verse acted out like the Jesus Film. Only available through fulforchrist@gmail.org.

Acts Video: 4 hours, verse by verse acted out like the Jesus Film. Only available through fulforchrist@gmail.org.

Parables Video: Three parables are acted out and culturally explained. Only available through fulforchrist@gmail.org.

Jesus Film cell phone version: This is the Jesus Film in reduced resolution and packaged to play on smart phones with micro SD cards. The segments can be passed to others via Bluetooth. Available through fulforchrist@gmail.org.

More Than Dreams: http://morethandreams.org This video documents 5 stories of Muslims who met Jesus in their dreams and converted. The story of Mohammad is about a Nigerian Fulani cattle herder. This man worked with us on the Jesus Film. It is presented in the Hausa language and English subtitles. I think they did this because not many Fulani have televisions or computers, but many Hausa speakers do, and they will be seriously impacted by this story. Many Fulani will understand the Hausa.

Written Resources (also available in Arabic script)

New Testament (FUV language, Roman script): Online version at http://www.bible.is/FUVTBL/Matt/1/N, book version at fulforchrist@gmail.com.

New Testament (FUV language, Arabic script): Currently available through fulforchrist@gmail.com.

God’s Story (Script): Currently available through fulforchrist@gmail.com.

16 Discipleship Lessons: Currently available through fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Seven Commands of Christ (Fii 7): Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World: Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Letter to a Friend: Beliefs and Practices of Christians: This is written as a loving letter to Muslims to clarify many misconceptions about what Christians believe. Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

English translations of all the above materials. Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

How to Grow Corn: Booklet. Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Preventing Diarrhea in Calves: Booklet. Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

AIDS Awareness: Booklet. Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Alphabet Chart: Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Number Chart: Available thru fulforchrist@gmail.com.

Sites for more information on Fulfulde language and Gospel materials:

fulforchrist@gmail.com is your connection to getting further access to many of these materials and to get answers about general Fulani ministry in Fulfulde fuv.

Joshua Project: http://joshuaproject.net/languages/fuv Click on the “Resources” tab and it will give you a list of resources and web addresses to get those resources. Fulfulde central eastern Niger shows no Bible, no JF, no GR. The dialect in central and eastern Niger has very high intelligibility with Fulfulde fuv, which has NT, JF, and GR.

Ethnologue: http://www.ethnologue.com/language/fuv The Ethnologue map properly shows the full extent of Fulfulde in Nigeria: http://www.ethnologue.com/map/NG_xx Erroneous information: Leaves off the fact that it is spoken widely in central and eastern Niger. Population was 11.5 million in 2012, not 2000. I would be interested to find out if the second language speakers of fuv actually exist. There are many fub (Adamawa) second language speakers, but I am unaware of significant numbers of fuv SL speakers. Many of the languages listed are in the Adamawa area. Roman Script NT published 2007 and Arabic script version in 2011. The Swadesh word list given in the OLAC info is inaccurate on many counts https://archive.org/stream/rosettaproject_fuv_swadesh-1/fuv.txt. Though http://glottolog.org/resource/languoid/id/nige1253 looks more promising. Carolin Huber’s work in the northwest province of Cameroon where fuv is also spoken: http://www.sil.org/resources/archives/43263. The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) has some interesting linguistic information and possibly online discussion. http://wals.info/languoid/lect/wals_code_fni

Multi-tree: http://multitree.org/codes/fuv.html (Erroneous information and population figures. See Ethnologue 17th edition for accurate figures.)